ULTRON T11 and T11 plus

The previous T11 was 2400W and 3200W, the current T11 and T11+ are both 3200W


After the unified modification of the motor, it has also been replaced with a hydraulic shock absorber with better shock absorption effect.

The headlights and taillights have been modified.

Steering tail light
Steering switch
New headlights and separate horn

Of course, the controller also has a limited speed function.


And T11+ is modified on the basis of T11-2021, adding a headlight, the tire is replaced with a 13-inch tubeless tire, of course, the motor is also replaced.

T11 and T11+ are both 30A batteries.

The author thinks that the performance of T11+ will be better, speedup within 10 seconds is faster than most products, and the price will not be much different from that of T11, but the mileage will be a bit less than that of T11.

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