The operation of the Display

Faultcode(decimal system)Fault statenote
E-000Normal state 
E-003Power sensor fault (cycling mark)Not implemented here
E-0046 km/h cruise 
E-005Real-time cruise 
E-006Battery under voltage 
E-007Motor fault 
E-008Handlebar fault / Display fault 
E-009Controller fault 
E-010Communication receiving fault 
E-011Communication sending fault 
E-012BMS communication fault 
E-013Headlight fault
Menu ItemDescriptionnote
P01Backlight brightness, level 1 is the darkest, level 3 is the brightest; 
P02Mileage unit, 0: KM; 1: the MILE; 
P03Battery voltage grade: 24V, 36V, 48V, the default 36V;Keep the default
P04Sleep time: 0, no sleep; Other Numbers are sleep time, range: 1-60; Per minute; 
P05Power assist system gear: 0-3;Unused
P06Wheel diameter: unit, inch; Accuracy: 0.1; If speed is not accurate, change this value. 
P07Speed measurement magnetic steel number: range: 0-255;Keep the default
P08Speed limit: range 0-100km/h, not openUnused
P09Zero start, non-zero start setting, 0: zero start: 1: non-zero start.Power output is available when the vehicle speed reaches 5km/h. 
P10Drive mode setting
0: power drive (determine how much power is output through the power gear, at this point the handlebar is invalid.
1:Electric drive (by turning the drive handle, the power gear is invalid).  
2:Both power-assisted drive and electric drive coexist at the same time (under zero starting state of electric drive is invalid).
P11Power assist sensitivity setting.Unused
P12Electronic braking force setting.1: weakest. 5:strongest 
P13Type setting of booster magnetic steel disc.Unused
P14The controller’s current limiting value is set as the default 12A range: 1-20aUnused
P15Controller undervoltage valueUnused
P16ODO reset setting 
P170: Not to be able to cruise, 1: Enable cruising; Automatic cruise after 8s(valid for Second protocol only) 
P18Display speed ratio adjustment range: 50%~ 150%,Keep the default
P190 enable bit, 0; Contains 0, 1; Do not contain 0 fileUnused
P200:Second protocol 1:5S protocol 2: unused 3: unusedUnused

Buttons and interface.

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